Tall Ships Youth Trust take remaining space at The Tanneries

Published 23 Jul 2015


Peter Dalby

The UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity for young people, The Tall Ships Youth Trust, has taken the last remaining unit at The Tanneries, the increasingly popular industrial estate on Brockhampton Lane, Havant.

The Trust has signed a new three year lease on the 1,022 sq ft storage unit to use as its main sail storage facility, thus enabling it to keep all its sails in one place over the winter months or when not in use.

The Tanneries industrial estate is owned by SR Properties Nationwide Ltd which has invested considerably in the estate since acquiring it five years ago. Improvements have included resurfacing the car park and estate roads, installation of CCTV cameras and recently, replacing the original asbestos cement roof on 15 units with modern profiled and insulated composite sheet cladding.

Commenting on this latest transaction, Peter Dalby, Holloway Iliffe & Mitchell Associate Director said: “We have managed the site on behalf of the SR Properties for four years. In that time we have overseen substantial upgrading works which have resulted in cost savings for existing tenants as well as attracting a number of new businesses including Tall Ships and the estate is now fully occupied.”

Tim Law, Tall Ships’ Marketing and Operations Director, said “It’s great to be able to consolidate all our storage into one single unit. The size and the location of The Tanneries is ideal for us.”